It was his last message as our Visitation Pastor. Now my husband “retires” to a new season of life. Why the happy faces? There is simply a deep sweet joy in seeing the goodness of God colored all over a human life. Even though it was an emotional Sunday for us, I couldn’t help but be very thankful for the experience of seeing Don serve in this capacity in his “vintage” years.

Yes, this is actually his fourth retirement, and over his life he has worked hard at many things. Don was a navy chief, an aviation inspector, a high school and junior college history teacher for 22 years, a real estate agent, a Vice Mayor of a city of 25,000, a stained glass craftsman and business owner, a maker of Victorian redwood screen doors, and for the past seven years, a Visitation Pastor. And after all that, he has no intention of getting out the rocking chair.

The first thing he did in “retirement” is make up a list of 25 items he felt needed to be done at the house immediately. Don set about his tasks with enthusiasm and he adds to that list daily.

The joy continues…

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