God is the Master Artist

Every time I paint my awareness of the Great Creator is heightened. Since realist painting is all about observation and learning from nature I am in awe when I study something I am seeking to represent in painting. The detail, the design, the amazing intricacy and orchestration and harmony in nature is beyond comprehension. I know from experience that there is no phenomenal design without a phenomenal designer. There truly are no “happy accidents.” Yes, once in a while some colors can run together and they look pleasing, or we stumble across something by accident and it looks far better than we know our skill level to be…but there is no mastery in a subject without intense study. Everything in nature points to a marvelous creator. It’s not hard to believe in God – just by observing nature. It shouts of His existence, and His order, design, care, character and beauty. And He didn’t just make Himself a mystery to figure out. He revealed Himself clearly through the person of Christ. It is incredibly fulfilling to me to create paintings that prefect the character and personality of the One who reached down and saved my heart and my life. He is the Master Artist.

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