Grief’s Journey

I’m reading through a great little book by H. Norman Wright called Experiencing Grief. I’m very familiar with it – having read it before and offering it to many. But in the weeks after losing my Dad I’m reading, pondering and praying through the book yet again. There’s a quote I especially appreciated today. “I cry from time to time, and often find myself swallowing this strange lump in my throat. But I am learning not to apologize for my tears since they are God’s gracious gift to me to express my loss, and a sign that I am indeed recovering. As I continue to feel, God continues to heal.”

Though I have had moments of intense sadness because I miss my Dad, my most overwhelming emotion is gratefulness. He imprinted my life in so many ways. I am so thankful for my Dad. I walked all over the house today looking at cards he had sent, seeing his handwriting in books he had given me, and looking over his handywork in things he had made which we display proudly in our home. I was blessed. I still am.

2 thoughts on “Grief’s Journey

  1. PennyThanks for sharing your heart.I loved "as I continue to feel, God continues to heal". Yes!But the world tells us not to feel, to take a pill, take a drink, get busy, do anything but feel.To not allow ourselves the journey of grief robs us of His keeping and the healing He offers through it.Praying for His comfort through this season of your life.In Him Sam \O/

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