The Book of Hope

We meet together on Sunday mornings. For some getting up early on the one day they have to sleep in is a sacrifice. A couple of them come even through they suffer chronic physical pain due to injury and a mysterious illness that promises a headache every day – for years. Two are from military backgrounds and one works through the night, then comes. One has a Ph.d. Some have young children and complicated schedules. A couple are staff members with many responsibilities. Yet they come faithfully for one reason – to be trained to help others by immersing themselves in a year long study of the Bible – the book of hope. Through the Bible we find hope for overcoming significant and massive problems in life. A small list would be self-belittlement, self-exaltation, self-pity, envy, jealousy, greed, preoccupations with self, anger, bitterness, the need to forgive, communication, troubled marriages, difficult parent-child relationships, depression, fear, worry, and anxiety, among others. We learn the sufficiency of this amazing book to address our deepest issues. We find that by studying it’s content and taking to heart it’s lessons we don’t become merely educated or informed. No, there is a greater hope – that of transformation.

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