It IS A Wonderful Life

Finally finished the movie, yet again.  This Christmas season my husband has been recuperating from surgery while I had the normal busy ministry pre-Christmas schedule.  And so we “fit things in” differently.  We didn’t decorate or bake much and I certainly didn’t keep up the house like I should.  But we enjoyed every minute of visitors, phone calls, those who came to help and dear hearts in crisis….people.  Like George Bailey we found that God does answer prayer, sometimes in mysterious ways.  We found that the love and companionship of the people in our lives means much more than any type of material possession.  And we definitely learned, yet again, that our perspective is so limited.  Adversity, a seemingly common thread in life, is the thing that really has opportunity to change us for the better.  Conquering life one step at a time often means coming out of the most recent storm stronger and better than when we went in.  And so as I think of all God has brought us through, despite my failures and missteps along the way, I can rejoice in some things that never change, like   God’s faithful love for people like you and I. Yes, it IS a wonderful life.

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