Please Come Home to God

Troubles in life are many.  Some happen to us, some we create.  But there is hope, because God knows all about that and is waiting for you, dear one, to come back to Him.  He wants to take your bruised and bleeding heart and heal and comfort you and give you a new life.  The Bible says, “…that  anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  The old life is gone;  a new life has begun!”  (II Corinthians 5:17 NLT)

You may have practical issues.  You don’t know what to do next or how to overcome the bad situation you are in.  Life may seem confusing.  The one thing you can count on is God.  He never changes and is always faithful to you – ever waiting for you to come home to His arms.  He took the punishment that each of us deserve when He gave His Son, Jesus to a world that mistreated Him and crucified Him.  When that happened, He willingly took all our wrong upon Himself, and He was the only One that could do that for He never did anything wrong.  He did this so we could be made right with God.  It is a free gift.  Come home to God.  He will show you what to do next – but first, just come home. 

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