"Oh, Grow Up!" (Maturity is Beautiful)

“Oh, Grow Up!”  (Maturity is Beautiful)

Speaking to a group of Jr. Highers about the concept of spiritual maturity brought the lesson to a point where I told each student to turn to their neighbor and tell him or her, “Oh, grow up!” Pandemonium broke out! These students relished the opportunity to get in each others face and shout, “Oh, grow up!”

When I think of people whom I look up to as heroes, I think of some of my older friends in the faith. One of the meanings of “hero” is someone who is a conqueror. My older friends in the church have conquered many of life’s obstacles. They have seen the expanse of the ages and how each stage of life, lived in concert with God’s Spirit, has deep value and meaning. Some have wrestled with great loss and grief, and come through shining. They understand just what it means to walk with the Lord during every era of our existence. My senior brothers and sisters in the Lord have lived through aspects of life that still puzzle me and they can counsel from having traveled the road previously. Some have navigated through life’s ‘curve balls’ and whether they scored a hit or swung and missed, they have learned much that they can pass on from their experience. There is a depth of understanding, a sense of patience and ‘how to take the long view.’ They understand now, from their unique perspective on life, exactly what the big things are – what is worth standing firm on and which items are insignificant and can therefore be let go. It’s the beauty of wisdom that I hear and see in them and even feel in their presence. Sometimes it’s just a knowing look, a mention that they are praying for me, or a hug when I really need it. It is concrete evidence to me of the Holy Spirit working in their lives. Yes, truly, maturity is beautiful.

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