Emotions and Tapestries

tapestry“We are complicated beings,” was an oft-spoken comment I shared in my counseling room after hearing of the difficulties and turmoil within the dear person sitting in the rocking-comfort chair.  When we are at crossroads, our minds seem like a pin ball machine hitting thoughts in all kinds of directions sending the ball pinging all over hitting nerves, memories and tender emotions.  Yes, we are complicated.

Emotions for the most part are not very reliable.  Emotions are a real part of our make up and designed by God not to rule us but to give expression to the depths of our feelings.  Although we shouldn’t use emotions alone as a compass for our lives I appreciate that God gave us ways to express ourselves when words aren’t enough.  There are times when our emotions are really fragile and in those moments I want to remember that the intensity we feel over a situation will not last but the decisions we make concerning those circumstances will continue.

Saying good-bye to a chapter in our lives and hearing words of appreciation makes me very emotional.  That’s o.k.  Bear with me, my human part is showing through.

I cling to the Bible for clarity in such times.  I love that the Bible doesn’t swing with our emotions.  The writers within the sixty-six books of the Bible had great emotions for sure, and we can learn greatly from their examples.

Consider what emotions David must have been feeling when he penned the words, “”You are my hiding place;  you protect me from trouble.  You surround me with victory.  The Lord says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.  I will advise you and watch over you.””  – from Psalm 32

David was in great physical danger at the time he expressed these words of confidence in the Lord for protection, ultimate victory and guidance.  We can depend on these same things from the Lord.  These truths are like a rock we can tie our anchor around when our emotions are flipping our heart-strings and causing tears to come at inconvenient moments.  It is o.k.  It is well.  God is working things out and we can move ahead in confidence and deep down peace in our souls until a glimpse of new direction comes over the horizon.

Our emotions are like viewing the back of a tapestry.  We get some idea of the picture on the front but there is a lot of stitches out-of-place, mismatched colors and some areas that just plain don’t make sense.  Trusting in the Lord in such times means waiting in faith until we see the tapestry turned around.  I know when that moment comes – when God’s purposes are revealed, that we will all individually gasp with amazement at the beautiful personal tapestries He is weaving in each of our lives.  And another very cool thing about God is that in His great orchestration somewhere, somehow, He is able to make these individual tapestries combine with each others in a combined masterpiece beyond compare.

Even now I am seeing new threads of magnificent colors that He is weaving into our lives.  I am looking forward with anticipation!

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