Today is a Blank Canvas

Times-Standard NewspaperI love the pre-dawn hours.  Like a blank canvas the day is yet unmarked and the possibilities are wide open.  Before I start busily working the plan of scrawled objectives that I had written, I take a long moment to focus on a great reminder in Scripture.  Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God!  I will be honored by every nation.  I will be honored throughout the world.”

What a great comfort to know that no matter what my decisions may be, no matter what plans unfold, no matter what I think about the situations before me, God has the future all planned out.  It is much more important to be still before Him and seek His direction than anything else I attempt to accomplish today.  How grateful that I am NOT the captain of my soul.  God is, and I can rest in His sweet peace and know that He will put the pieces together.

I’ll get going here in a minute.  My aim is to work hard and try to accomplish what is set before me.  The next splash on today’s canvas is to love on my family.  Then there are loose ends to tie up, files to be cleaned out, and seemingly endless storage problems to be solved.  There will be errands to run and I’ll assist my awesome man with needed home repairs.  There is drawing class curriculum to write and people with whom to connect about future events.  There is studio time and computer time, and hey, what should we have for dinner?  There is a preschooler to snuggle and old dogs that need some patient care.  There are toys to be picked up and lots of organization to be done.  Life is good, each new day blank canvas an adventure.   New puzzle pieces are added to the mix and I still don’t know what the completed picture will look like.

But in the rush, in the midst of the hurry, in the working out of everyday stuff – inside my heart I can “be still” knowing God’s plan in our lives will go forward.  God’s overall plan will be worked out and in the end the canvas is going to look great.

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