With Thanks to My Valentine

My Valentine still makes my heart race when I hear his voice.  In ten days we celebrate thirty-four years of marriage and my heart is full of thanks and admiration for this man, my life’s soul mate.  Life isn’t perfect, some passages in life can be hard and that is precisely a facet that I admire about him so much.  He processes the trials of life with an authentic approach – he is not afraid to show emotion and face an issue, yet he comes to a place of acceptance and optimism.  He is ever my encourager.

He takes delight in seeing me grow as a human being.  In fact, as leader of our family, he sees it as his responsibility to stimulate me to become all I can be.  He is my coach, my friend, he often challenges me to be better than I am and believes in me.  He is very unselfish and constantly does things for the people around him and doesn’t consider mundane tasks beneath him.

At ninety years of age he still has a strong work ethic and I am ever inspired by just watching him work, even through times of pain.  Sometimes I have to tell him to stop because he is making me look bad.

He is both strong and sensitive, a lover of people.  Greeting people at church for these many years has been one of his greatest joys.  He equates well with young children, teenagers, folks in mid-life and he has compassion for the aged.  He forgets that perhaps he is just up in years himself.

The spiritual leader in our home, writing out his prayers for all the people he loves and is concerned for is his daily practice.

His oldest son, Donnie, presented us with some marvelous photos of his dad in the woodshop at Christmas.  One the brass name plate it says, “Pastor, Teacher, Carpenter.”  And so he is – and to us in his family he is a beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather…an amazingly real, sometimes comical and truly beautiful man.

And so on this Valentine’s Day, how could I be more blessed?  It matters not what we do or don’t do, nor how we commemorate the day.  We have each other and I have been immeasurably fortunate to be his wife in his “vintage” years.

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