Life is Just One Big Transition

family_walksmWhat are the top ten little phrases you say most?  “Life is just one big transition” is one of mine.  Isn’t it true that we are forever trying to get used to something new and giving up something old?  It may be in the realm of relationships, family routines, work related systems, personal struggles, health issues, educational pursuits or a hundred other things.  My father often told me  the one thing that does not change in life is that things always change.  A top ten little phrase I often hear is “I don’t like change.”

For me this transition from a nearly fourteen-year period of leading several ministries in a large church to stepping down to once again pursue my art career while being home to care for my family is a major recalibration of my life.  But there is no doubt in my mind that this is God’s timing, even though the circumstances that came about to cause this change were not in my timing.  Truth be told, had those mix of life events not happened I would have had a hard time letting go.  I love ministry.  I still love the people to whom I had the great privilege to minister to as we “did life” together.  I have floods of incredible sweet memories.  I learned a lot.  Yet at the same time it is a welcome relief to step away from the mounting pressures of ministry in these hard economic times and be at home to love on my family who are my first ministry, always.

Transitions are just hard, even when we know that God is ultimately at the driver’s wheel.  No matter the human contribution that caused the need for change to occur, we can know with certainty that God is sovereign.  That doesn’t mean there are not concerns and the temptation to be anxious about the future.  That is a very real part of change as well.  A transition is a faith-stretching time.

Psalm 11:4 tells us, “But the Lord is in His holy Temple;  He watches everyone closely, examining every person on earth.”  When the dust settles, we answer to God alone.  The Bible is full of transitions and how people responded in good ways and bad – all as instructional examples.  There are many life lessons to be learned in the tunnel of change and we have many opportunities to gain new perspectives.  One day I may look back and think, why did I not make this change sooner?  Who knows?  It’s important to be at peace with God and others and accept each new day, even days of transition, with an open trusting hand to the care of the One who never changes.


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