Divine Details

Small floral detail of Studio Still Life painting by Penny Saville Fregeau

Small floral detail of Studio Still Life painting by Penny Saville Fregeau

Rain drops patter down on the skylight in my artist’s studio.  It hasn’t rained in a while so the sound this morning is refreshing.  A new day is about to open its curtains for all the performances and dramas of the day.  In the early morning hours I think of people who have crossed my path – kind words and gestures – gentle encouragements as we embark on a new “adventure” of sorts.  I was rather forgetful yesterday and hope today I’ll do better!  Life has many details.

This past Sunday my pastor spoke about two views of God, and that has me thinking.  Either God is interested, but aloof or He is in the trenches with us, caring about every detail.  My life experience, and more importantly, the words of the Bible, point to the latter.  I see evidences of God’s care in every little thing, even when my world is in disarray or even rumbling like an earthquake.  At the core there is still the calm assurance that God has this all in His hands, and yes, He does know and care about all the details.

“And we know God causes everything to work together for the good of those how love God and are called according to His purpose for them.”  Romans 8:28

In order for God to work everything for the good, He has to be in the details.  What a comfort to know life is not haphazard or random, but if we have placed our faith and trust in God He is His great orchestration places each detail in His ultimate masterpiece.

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