Actively Waiting

mandy, our dog waits in anticipation.Waiting?  Ahhhgh!  Waiting seems to go against the grain of our make up.  When I think of waiting my mind flashes back to my elementary school days and watching the clock tick until 3:10 PM when the school’s out bell rang.  I thought I would never grow up and would be waiting for that bell forever.  Even though I was a compliant and quiet child, school bored me to pieces.  Until the sixth grade and I was put in Mr. Kazner’s class.  What a year!

It was seemingly just by chance I ended up in this class.  As I recall this class was for the children who scored 70 and above on some test.  My score was 69.  But when they had to downsize they split my class up and I was in by the skin of my teeth.  I was well aware that the other kids in the class were supposed to be smarter than me.  And so I was surprised when I sometimes fared better than some.  What I didn’t understand as a child was the value of sheer work and determination, whatever we were given in life.

I loved that class.  Four days a week the teacher would stay after until 5:00 in the evening and a group of us stayed as well.  It was before the days of video cameras – but he had one and the class made an amazingly creative movie about going to the moon which was all the rage back in the late 60’s.  He was writing a book about two boys and a “tomgirl” named Stevie who was one of the guys until her braids slipped out of her baseball cap on day and they all realized she was a girl!  Guess who got to model for those drawings?  He was a terrific artist. We even had a recorder orchestra before school and the whole class came every week to play.  Mr. Kazner was an inspiring teacher and in that year school was no longer the boring wait – it was an exciting time of learning and discovery.

The difference in these two scenarios is that waiting is a state of mind and the point is – what are we doing while we are waiting?

In the 37th psalm we are told, “Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for Him to act.”  It’s not simply waiting for the clock to tick.  It is purposely being in the presence of the most exhilarating, marvelous and compassionate being – the God of the universe.  Waiting is a time to be still in active faith and heart felt worship.

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